Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Name A City Park

The City of Southlake Parks and Recreation Department is seeking your suggestion(s) to name a new 19.5 acre park located northwest of the intersection of Ridgecrest Drive and Dove Road. The community park is in a pastoral setting, and when complete, will be heavily landscaped and include multi-use fields with concession building, restrooms, playground, pathways, pond and open space. The City guidelines for naming city parks or facilities specify that City parks:

May be named for outstanding and/or predominate physical characteristics or ecological features of the land such as streams, lakes and creeks, landmark significance, historical significance, street name identity, a subdivision in which the park property is located, based on the activity, event or function if the park;
May be named for any group or individual who has made exceptional contributions to the City. Examples of exceptional contributions may include, but no limited to, monetary, property, material contributions, service to the City, etc;
May be named in honor of deceased local, state or national figure(s). There shall be a waiting period of one or more years prior to the naming of a park in honor of a deceased local, state or national figure(s). The renaming of a park facility, which has been previously named after an individual, is prohibited unless compelling circumstances arise whereby consideration to a change is appropriate;
May not be given the same name as an existing school site, or public facility, except where the sites abut one another;
Components or areas within a park or recreation facility may be given a name which is different than the park or recreation facility. Such components or areas may include, but not limited to, gardens, playgrounds, athletic fields, structures, and meeting rooms.
Please use this Submissions Form to enter your recommendation(s). Incomplete entries will not be accepted.

Completed suggestion forms may be emailed to

Forms may also be printed and submitted to:

City of Southlake Community Services Department – Park Name
Bicentennial Park Community Center
400 North White Chapel Blvd
Southlake, Tx 76092
817.748.8184 – Phone
817.748.8027 – Fax

Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Friday, August 27, 2010