Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Southlake City Council Makes Board and Commission Appointments

At the August 17, 2010, and the August 3, 2010 City Council meetings, the Council made several board and commission appointments, which are listed below.

Parks and Recreation Board – Randy Williamson, Sherry Berman, Margaret Adams, and Gregg Formella

Planning and Zoning Commission – Brigham McCown and Joe Lancor

Zoning Board of Adjustment– Mike Forman and Kate Smith – regular members

Phyllis Lambert and Dustin Andrews – alternate   members

City Council made the following appointments at the August 17, 2010 City Council meeting.

Building Board of Appeals– David Carpenter, Ken Horne, Wayne Luzius, Dustin Andrews, Terrance Henderson

Joint Utilization Committee – Frances Sharli, Pamela A. Muller, Laura K. Hill

Library Board– Lori Burr, Cheri Ross, Brenda Flores

Senior Advisory Commission – Jean Boland, Patricia Burnett, Charles Boyd, Nancy Sporn, Richard McCauley, Jeanette Gossage, Beverly Blake

SouthlakeArts Council– Merlene Ingraham, Terri Messing, Leslie Ann Walker, Carol Knox

SouthlakeBusiness Council– Terrance Henderson, Frank Bliss, Chris Schrobilgen, Mack Zimmerman, Tommy Pennington, Tim Moorehead, Santhosh Gandhari, Steve Barry, John Finlayson

SouthlakeParks Development Corporation– Al Zito, Pamela A. Muller, John Slocum, Jeff Wang

S.P.I.N.– David Alexander, Lou Hillman, Mike Terry, Pattie Minder, Ron Evans, David Baltimore, Carey Benson, Michael Forman

Zoning Board of Adjustment– Lisa Amend and Shawn McCaskill.  D. Todd Parrish was appointed Chairman and Laird Fairchild was appointed Vice-Chairman.

Questions should be directed to the City Secretary’s office at (817) 748-8016.