Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Runway 18R/36L Closure

DFW Airport has informed the City of a temporary runway closure that could affect Southlake’s airspace. Runway 18R/36L is now closed for pavement maintenance until approximately the end of August. Runway 18R/36L is the western-most of the north/south oriented runways and is primarily an arrival runway. This short-term closure will push many of the airport’s daily arrivals to other runways and Southlake residents may notice increased airline arrival noise.

To read the airport’s summaries of the project please click here. The airport has also provided the City with a link to their website listing all future DFW Airport construction projects. For questions about this project please call the Airport’s Environmental Affairs Department at 972-973-5570. To make a noise complaint please call 972-973-9428.