Saturday, April 17, 2021

City Employees Trained on Gas Drilling Emergencies

Should gas drilling become a reality in Southlake, City staff is working toward being prepared in case of emergencies.  City of Southlake staff members from the Department of Public Safety-Fire Services, Planning & Development Services, and Public Works attended a training session called Well Control Incident Management: Effective Strategies & Tactics for Municipal Responders.

Sponsored by the City of Arlington, the session featured Ahmed Fakhri, Safety & Emergency Response Specialist for Wild Well.  Mr. Fakhri presented a six hour course which resulted in certificates and training credits for attending firefighters.  But more importantly it gave staff some much needed information about how gas-well incidents can be handled in emergency situations.

The main topic of discussion was the importance of an effective well control emergency response plan should an emergency event occur at one of our well sites. The discussion included causes of blowouts, rigs & their components, tactics for first on scene, suburban interface risks, response methodology, well control scene management, firefighting & well control equipment and case histories.

According to the course description “Municipal agencies responding to an oil or gas field emergency must deal with a unique set of safety vectors, each with the potential to catastrophically escalate if initial size-up is inaccurate and resources are ineffectively assigned. This course is intended to prepare tactical response agencies, with local jurisdiction over oil or gas field emergencies to better manage their incident scenes, integrate resources, and work more effectively with oil & gas operators and well control specialists.”  For more information about Wild Well Control go to their website

For more information about gas drilling in the City of Southlake, please click here.