Sunday, April 11, 2021

SPARK To Meet October 26

Do you know what SPARK means? Students and Parents Against Risks to our Kids is a grass-roots effort to inform the community about potential dangers facing adolescents. Their next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 26. The group will discuss how to guide children through tough relationships. Local family specialists and Carroll ISD Counselors will participate in the discussion. SPARK typically meets in the DPS Community Room, check back with CISD next week for details.

SPARK organizers want you to know that November is SPARK Awareness Month. This is a great opportunity to get involved as the group works to promote healthy lifestyles among today’s youth. SPARK is a supporter of Rachel’s Challenge, a K-12 kindness and compassion program currently in its second year at Carroll ISD. The organization has been instrumental in bringing expert speakers and guest panelists for challenging topics like underage drinking, internet pornography, teen texting, drug education and more.

SPARK is chaired by City Council member Laura Hill. Presently, members include parents, teens, school board members, school counselors and public safety officers, members of the city’s worship community, family therapists, attorneys, drug and alcohol counselors and representatives from Southlake Police services. SPARK welcomes you whether you can only attend an occasional meeting, or if you want to get heavily involved in making a change for youth. SPARK meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Click here to download the current SPARK flier