Saturday, April 17, 2021

DES Student Earns Green Thumb


Durham Elementary science lab students began an experimental Square Foot Garden (SFG) this fall all because of one very motivated student. Max Kleespies (pictured right) became interested in gardening as a kindergarten student. Throughout the summer his mother brought him to the DES garden to spent time, weed, watch plants grow, walk through the paths and enjoy the harvest. They began researching to see what kind of vegetable garden would work best in their backyard. They built a Square Foot Garden and brought the idea to school.

Max is a DES first grader this year. His interest in Square Foot Gardening has enriched the education for all of the DES students. There are SFG workshops open to the public the first Thursday of each month from 3-4 p.m. in the DES science lab. The workshops are taught by HD Overby.

Some of the DES raised garden beds are being converted to SFG beds. Community businesses are excited about Durham’s interest in SFG and have donated all of the soil materials. Our thanks go out to Blooming Colors, The Home Depot, Master Made Feeds, Inc. and McDonnell Building Materials Co., Inc. Stop by the garden and watch the transformation. We are hoping for a mild winter so that we can enjoy two growing seasons this school year.