Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Pink Heals Tour


On Saturday, October 16th the Pink Heals Tour will be driving through Southlake.  Fire fighters and police officers wear a blue shirt 365 days a year. The mission of Pink Heals is to lose the blue and don the pink in honor of women during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Women represent a large percentage of the population, and what an impact it will have for all women to see the support in pink. As a part of Pink Heals, the Pink Heals Tour hopes our Fire and Police Chiefs and other leaders of this Country see the color pink, not just as a benefit for breast cancer, but as a way to support all women in their fight against all cancers.  It is because of these reasons, Southlake is proud to escort the pink fire truck that has been traveling around the country through our city on Saturday, October 16th from 12:30pm – 1:00pm.

These men honor those who can no longer fight, stand with those who can fight and inspire those who watch.  This mission is about Men Supporting Women in the fight against cancer.  Guardians of The Ribbon, dressed in pink fire turn-out gear, will drive pink fire trucks across the country every year to spread awareness and support all women in their fight against cancer. The Guardians bring the tour to help raise money and awareness for the non-profit entities that help women in their City and State. In addition, this non-profit supports and helps other non-profit programs raise money by bringing the pink fire trucks to various fund raisers to assist in the efforts at no charge to the organization. As Guardians of The Ribbon, are goal is to spread the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” campaign until all are in pink shirts. Why? Because Pink Heals!

So come out as the pink fire truck comes from Keller on 1709 and Pearson, escorted by Southlake Fire and Police apparatus, until they meet their Grapevine escorts at 114 and Northwest Highway.