Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Southlake Boulevard Median and Deceleration Lane Construction Begins

Medians and 14 new deceleration lanes along Southlake Boulevard are about to become a reality.  TxDOT construction on the Southlake portion of the Southlake Boulevard Improvement project begins this week.  For the past several months TxDOT has been working on Keller’s portion, west of Pearson Lane.  With that complete, their focus is now on Southlake.

Barricades will be placed on the southernmost, eastbound lanes of Southlake Blvd., west of Brock Drive.  The intersection of Brock and Southlake Blvd. will remain open to traffic during construction.  Lane closures at this location are anticipated to last approximately three weeks.

Median construction starts tomorrow and will progress from Pearson Lane eastbound.  The new medians will be built in segments.  Barricades will be placed along Southlake Boulevard to indicate lane closures.  The center lane, as well as the inside driving lane on each side of the new median will be closed during median construction.  Commuters will continue to use the outer driving lanes of Southlake Blvd.  Construction of the median’s first two sections, Pearson Lane to West Jellico Circle, is anticipated to take up to 3 weeks, at which time the contractor will move eastbound.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please visit the City’s Southlake Boulevard Improvements web page by clicking here, or contact Public Works at (817) 748-8098.



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