Saturday, April 17, 2021

SPIN Celebrates Its 17th Birthday

SPIN (Southlake Program for the Involvement of Neighborhoods) celebrated its birthday on November 2, 2010, marking 17 successful years of community involvement. Created by ordinance in 1993, SPIN’s mission is toprovide a forum which fosters open and timely communication between the citizens and city government regarding programs, activities, and issues affecting the quality of life in the community in order to provide positive relations and a stronger sense of community.

“SPIN was an idea born out of a need and desire to involve the community in city issues.  It was an innovative idea at the time – an experiment, if you will – that has served the city well for many years,” said City Manager Shana Yelverton.

SPIN helps the City serve the citizens of Southlake by reaching out to them through the town hall forum concept. By emphasizing public participation, the City ensures the provision of the highest quality services possible through the encouragement and integration of public involvement and feedback into projects around the community.

“The value of communication in a growing city cannot be overstated.  The SPIN program has been a significant tool we have been able to use to get information out and accept feedback – the forums they hold give everyone in town a chance to be “in the know” about city projects, laws, and development,” said Yelverton.

Since its inception, SPIN has held more than 700 public meetings with thousands of citizens in attendance. This year is likely to be SPIN’s busiest year yet, with over 50 meetings and 1000 attendees expected.  These numbers illustrate how SPIN is one of the most effective tools that the City uses to increase public participation, which helps to provide better service to citizens.  For more information about SPIN, visit