Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Dragon Band Members Advance

Over two dozen members of the Dragon Band were recently selected to the Region 24 All Region Bands. A total of 29 students advanced in the competition held Saturday, Dec. 4 at Colleyville Heritage High School. Five of these students advanced to the Area level which will be held in Abilene on January 8th. They will be trying out for a position in one of the All State Bands and joining Taylor White who is already in the All State Jazz Band. Four of these students will also join Bonnie Song the weekend of Dec. 11 as members of the All Region Orchestra.

The five students advancing to Area are: Brice Thomas – Tuba, Holly Rosenberg – Piccolo, Eunice Lee – Oboe, Neha Jain – Flute, Rachel Brown – Bb Clarinet, Shelby Brown (flute) and Shannon Spark (french horn) are alternates to Area.

The four students in the All Region Orchestra are: Brice Thomas – Tuba, Holly Rosenberg – Piccolo, Eunice Lee – Oboe and Taylor White – Trumpet.

The All Region Orchestra Clinic and Concert will be held at Newman Smith High School Friday and Saturday, Dec. 10 and 11. Concerts start at 4:00 p.m. The public is invited.

The following students made the All Region Bands, concerts are scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011 at Frisco Heritage High School.

Instrument First Last Grade Group
Bb Clarinet Rachel Brown 12 Wind Ens.
Cornet/Trumpet Taylor White 11 Wind Ens.
Flute Neha Jain 10 Wind Ens.
Flute Shelby Brown 11 Wind Ens.
Tuba Brice Thomas 12 Wind Ens.
Bb Clarinet Amy Grice 10 Symphonic
F Horn Shannon Spark 11 Symphonic
Flute Elena Penedo 11 Symphonic
Oboe Eunice Lee 10 Symphonic
Piccolo Holly Rosenbert 11 Symphonic
Tenor Trombone Austin Miller 11 Symphonic
Tenor Trombone Stephani Arce-Penedo 12 Symphonic
Tuba Robert Weisberg 11 Symphonic
Alto Saxophone Philip Brown 9 Concert
Bass Clarinet Dan Rocky 11 Concert
Bassoon Colin Hilliard 11 Concert
Bb Clarinet Ari Ireland 10 Concert
Bb Clarinet Megan Bullock 11 Concert
Cornet/Trumpet Tyler Dickey 12 Concert
Euphonium Matt Johnson 12 Concert
Flute Emily Peebles 12 Concert
Tenor Trombone Andrew Harvell 12 Concert
Tenor Trombone Jared Neeley 10 Concert
Bb Clarinet Leslie Yap 9 Freshman
Cornet/Trumpet Chris Weisberg 9 Freshman
Euphonium Nicholas DiCapua 9 Freshman
Flute Mollie Danel 9 Freshman
Tenor Sax Colton Ginn 9 Freshman
Tuba Charles Proudman 9 Freshman