Wednesday, April 14, 2021

City Adopts Gas Drilling Moratorium

At the January 18, 2011 Southlake City Council meeting, the Council passed a resolution to place a 180 day moratorium on the acceptance or processing of applications for well permits and specific use permits to allow mineral extraction through oil and gas exploration or operations, and on acceptance or processing of applications for regulated or unregulated pipeline permits within the corporate City limits.

The Council determined that the current regulations needed to be reviewed.  The purpose is to address environmental and land use compatibility issues created by oil and gas exploration and mineral extraction as well as development and transportation activities.

Council also determined the time had come to review and update the City’s municipal ordinances and regulations to ensure the protection of the property interests of mineral estate owners as well as the rights, opportunities and property interests of surface estate owners.

City staff was directed to review all appropriate environmental, planning materials and development regulations, and to suggest changes if appropriate that would protect the interest of both mineral estate owners and surface estate owners while ensuring the highest degree of concern for the preservation of the public health, safety, morals and general welfare.

As part of the resolution City staff will make their recommendations to the City Council within the 180 day timeline.

The moratorium does not affect the two pending applications.  For more information about those applications and the City’s current gas and oil drilling ordinance please click here.