Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Southlake 2030 to Hold January Meetings

The Southlake 2030 Committee has had to slow things down lately due to the holidays and increased workload.  Things are picking back up, though, and the Committee will likely be meeting monthly until the summer.  To recap what the Committee and City Council has accomplished thus far: they have passed a comprehensive “Vision, Goals & Objectives” statement for the City; passed and begun implementing the Wayfinding Sign System Plan; and created the North, West, Central, and Southeast Sector Plans.  The Economic Development & Tourism Strategic Plan is also working its way through the approval process (see upcoming meetings below).

Coming up this Spring, the Committee will consider the “FM1709/FM1938 Corridor Plan;” the “SH 114 Corridor Plan;” and special Small Area Plans for the southwest corner of Southlake Blvd & Carroll Avenue and the area bounded by Kimball, Crooked and Nolen.

Upcoming Southlake 2030 Meetings in January include:

Economic Development & Tourism Strategic Plan

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Date & Time: 6:30PM Thursday, January 20, 2011

Location: Council Chambers, Southlake Town Hall, 1400 Main Street

Topic: To consider Ordinance 994, Southlake 2030 Economic Development & Tourism Strategic Plan, and to hold a public hearing.  After being recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission, the first of two readings of this item would be placed on the February 1 City Council agenda.

FM1938 / FM 1709 Corridor Sector Plan AND Small Area Plans

Land Use Plan Committee Meeting

Date & Time: 5:00PM Thursday, January 27, 2011

Location: 3rd Floor Training Rooms, Southlake Town Hall, 1400 Main Street

Topic: Kick-off the FM 1709 and FM 1938 Corridors, to hold a mini-charrette (work session) on the Kimball Avenue/Crooked Lane properties within the 75 LDN Airport Compatibility Zone, and to discuss the results of the charrette on the southwest corner of F.M. 1709 and Carroll Avenue.

As a reminder, all Southlake 2030 committee meetings are open to the public and planning staff is always available to answer any questions regarding the comprehensive plan. For more information, visit