Wednesday, April 14, 2021

School Board Approves New Attendance Zones

The Carroll School Board voted unanimously February 21 to approve new elementary school attendance zones beginning with the 2011-2012 school year. After several months of rezoning workshops, presentations and an extensive public input process, the Board opted to approve the revised Plan B, which only changes elementary zones and maintains existing attendance zones for all other grades.

The students affected reside in the north section of the district, including all current Durham Elementary students and some Johnson Elementary School students who will now attend the new elementary school set to open on North White Chapel Boulevard in August 2011. The Board’s plan also rezoned undeveloped commercial/residential acreage (former airport property) in Old Union Elementary School’s zone to Rockenbaugh Elementary School’s zone.
As part of the attendance zone plan, all preschool students will attend either Rockenbaugh Elementary or Carroll Elementary beginning next fall. Trustees reviewed feedback from residents, building capacities and enrollment projections. Based on the information and facts available to them at this time, they chose not to move Wyndsor Creek I students out of Old Union Elementary School and they did not change zones for Myers Meadow, Cross Timber Hills, Camden Park, Palomar Estates, or Randoll Mill Estates.
The Board did, however, rezone Estes Park IV (Toll Brothers Development), as well as nine homes on the Brentwood cul-de-sac, two homes on White Chapel Boulevard and eight homes on Dove Road just east of the roundabout to the new elementary school. Families in Brentwood support the move, but input was virtually split from homeowners in the Estes Park IV development. Trustees ultimately voted for the change to relieve overcrowding at the Johnson campus.
Trustees also voted Monday to prioritize rezoned exit level students and their siblings first and then other rezoned students and their siblings second. This primarily affects the students who have been attending Johnson Elementary School and are now rezoned to the new elementary school. The Board also authorized the Administration to prioritize exit level students and their siblings who are currently attending Durham Elementary on a transfer should they want to go to the new elementary school. Secondly, the Board would prioritize students and their siblings who are currently attending DES on a transfer request, but are not entering exit level grades. The Board did ask the Administration to bring the district’s transfer policy back as an agenda item for discussion at the March 7 meeting. Transfer students do not receive district transportation services.