Saturday, April 17, 2021

AP Boosters Award Study Abroad Scholarship

The Carroll AP Boosters proudly announce that the 2011 winner of the Cheryl Shankman Study Abroad Scholarship is Devon Land. Devon (pictured left) is a junior at Carroll Senior High School. She will be traveling on the 2011 spring trip with AP Art History teacher Tim Johnston to study the art, architecture and culture of Italy.

This scholarship program was created to honor and remember a dear friend, colleague, educational advocate and past AP Booster President Cheryl Shankman. This scholarship program enables recipients to experience other cultures, inside and outside the classroom. In addition to completing the appropriate paperwork and obtaining a teacher recommendation letter, applicants wrote an essay expressing how their own personal experiences have uniquely prepared them for this travel opportunity and exploring what they expect to gain from this opportunity as they continue their education. Congratulations and Buono Viaggio!