Saturday, May 15, 2021

Pardon Our Dust – Clean Up from Winter Blasts Underway

What went down now must come up.  Over the next several days the Public Works Street Division will undertake the enormous task of cleaning more than 600 tons of deicing sand from the City streets.

“Environmentally, this sand can cause problems,” said Deputy Public Works Director Chuck Kendrick.  “If we didn’t clean it up it would make its way into the City’s storm water system and tracked into people’s homes,” Kendrick added.  “The sand has done its job, now it’s time to get it off the streets.”

Two mechanical street sweepers will focus on various intersections, bridges, hills and thoroughfares throughout the City.

Temperatures are expected to rise well above freezing over the next several days.  Higher temperatures will allow the use of a water truck which will help keep the clean up dust to a minimum.

Drivers should also be aware that each sweeper will have a City assist vehicle in tow to aid the sweeper in traffic and sues to ensure the traveling public’s safety.

It will likely take 5-7 days to complete the cleanup operation.