Saturday, April 17, 2021

Winter Weather Hits City With Force

Due to inclement weather conditions, the City of Southlake closed its offices on February 4, 2011.  The City Council meeting which had been postponed to Friday was also canceled.  For more information about upcoming City Council meetings, please click here.

By Friday midday, the City’s Public Works department stopped sanding the roads except at the request of Southlake DPS.  Sanding resumed once the snow stopped falling. Since this weather event started on Tuesday, the Public Works teams have placed more than 200 tons of sand on Southlake roadways.  6000 pounds of salt was also used to help clear Town Square in time for the Saturday’s Southlake Tailgate.

Southlake DPS reported 17 accidents since Tuesday.  One accident occurred on eastbound S.H. 114 and Carroll Avenue after a car lost control on the ice and struck another car.  One person was transported to the hospital.

Although much of the snow has melted, temperatures are expected to fall again into the low twenties Friday night into early Saturday morning.  Highs on Saturday are expected to hit the low forties.  “Drivers are urged to use caution when they are on roads for the rest of the weekend,” said Southlake Police Lt. Michael Bedrich.

Many Southlake residents, along with residents all over the Metroplex were subject to rolling blackouts on Tuesday after the Electric Reliability Council Of Texas declared a power emergency.  Conservation efforts by residents and businesses prevented the blackouts from continuing into Wednesday.

The city received many reports of frozen water pipes, but experienced no City water main troubles and no problems with its sewer systems.

Duncan Disposal canceled service Friday, February 4th.  Duncan has informed the City that they will be collecting Tuesday/Friday solid waste and recycling routes on Saturday 2/5, but if workers encounter impassable areas, they will come back to those areas next week.  The City has put together a question and answer page regarding the winter storm and trash and recycling pickup.  Click here for more information.

But the winter weather woes won’t stop the Big Game Party! The Southlake Tailgate celebration will go on!  Big plans are in store for a great party. Get more information at