Sunday, April 11, 2021

Protect your Pipes, Plants, and Pets

A reminder from the State of Texas and the City of Southlake:

As the temperatures struggle to go above freezing this afternoon, and again on Thursday, we are reminding everybody about the 3 P’s: Pipes, Plants, and Pets.  This prolonged time frame of temperatures below freezing, maybe nearly 72 hours for some locations in Texas, will cause some pipes to burst.  Wrapping the pipes and letting inside faucets drip will help to minimize the threat of bursting pipes.

The cold temperatures will continue through Friday with Wind Chill Advisories being posted again for tomorrow across most of the region.  Dangerous wind chills will exist, single digits to below zero, and stay indoors if at all possible.

A low pressure area currently over Colorado and New Mexico will move across Texas on Friday.  Ahead of this system, starting as early as Thursday morning, flurries are possible.  Lift will increase Thursday afternoon and evening, increasing the chances of snow across much of South Central Texas.  Most of the precipitation should be in the form of snow.

Look for widespread light snow to increase Thursday night into Friday morning.   Best time for snow and its impacts will be from midnight Friday until 6 am on Friday Morning. Some sunshine should allow for melting across the area by Friday afternoon as the temperatures slowly climb above freezing.  Eastern areas will hold onto the snow chances through the early to late afternoon hours.