Saturday, April 17, 2021

Southlake Police Participate in Lock Down Drill

At the request of Carroll ISD, Southlake Police Services will be a part of the first unannounced, planned lock down drill during school hours.  The drill will begin at 2:15 at Dawson Middle School and will test not only the response of CISD teachers, staff, and students to an unannounced drill—but also that of Southlake Police Services officers who will respond to the scene.  This is a joint effort by both CISD and Southlake Police to ensure school and student safety, even in worst case scenario’s.  Police will clear the pre-designated hallway just as they would during an actual lock down event, only they will be utilizing bright blue plastic rifles to simulate the exact protocols used when clearing a building.  The drill, from beginning to after action review, is only anticipated to last 30-45 minutes.