Wednesday, April 14, 2021

EIS Musicians Give Superior Performance


The Eubanks Intermediate Band held their annual Solo and Ensemble Competition Friday, Mar. 4, 2011. All band students participated in their class ensembles. Some students also performed a solo and/or small ensemble (duet, trio or quartet) with other members of the EIS band. Students performed their solos and ensembles in front of a judge and were given feedback on their performance. Students were given a rating of either a I ( Superior), II (Excellent) or III (Good) for their performance preparation. Out of the 128 performances, 127 student solos and ensembles received a Superior rating. Judges from all five rooms also selected a few solos and ensembles as outstanding performers:

Avery Daly—flute                                                Evan Young—French horn

Ronak Pabley—bassoon                                   Austin Hintze—French horn

Madison Heymann—bassoon                         Ryne Ryskoski—trombone

Sheridan Smith—clarinet                                   Jessica Adams—trombone

John Dahl—clarinet                                            Eric Hart—euphonium

Shane Clardy—saxophone                               Matthew Ruff—tuba

Weston Salanty—saxophone                           Kyle Hassien—mallet percussion

David Si—saxophone                                        Jane Su—mallet percussion

Ryan Conrad—trumpet                                     Michael Dachniwsky—snare drum

Ryan Resma—trumpet                                      Dru Patel—snare drum

Grace Magar & Camille McCloskey—flute/clarinet duet

Corey Dotson, Cody Mysliwiec & David Si—saxophone trio

Saxophone Class ensemble

Trumpet Class ensemble

Trombone Class ensemble

Low Brass Class ensemble

Percussion Class ensemble

Michael Larkin & Kyle Hassien—clarinet/mallet percussion