Saturday, April 17, 2021

Lawmaker Asks For Rainy Day Input

District 98 Representative Vicki Truitt is asking her constituents to respond to an online survey on whether or not the Texas Legislature should use the Rainy Day Fund.

The Senate’s proposed budget is putting $6 billion back into education so instead of facing $10 billion in projected cuts, public education would be cut by $4 billion. The Senate has asked schools to protect classroom teachers.

The House version of the budget is still around $8-9 billion in proposed cuts to public education and some representatives have indicated they do not support utilizing the Rainy Day Fund.

Rep. Truitt has not indicated whether or not she supports utilizing the Rainy Day Fund, but she was helpful in facilitating Carroll ISD’s message to protect public education funding during a recently rally at the Capitol March 3. She is seeking input from the individuals she represents in Austin in order to make an informed decision.

In the photo shown here, Representative Truitt stands with CISD Trustee Sherri Williams on the steps of the Capitol as they listen to Dragon supporters speak out in support of Aledo ISD’s campaign to “Make Education A Priority.” Some believe lawmakers should dip into the Rainy Day Fund because the fund regenerates itself and can help avoid more drastic cuts to public schools. Still others are opposed to utilizing the fund for this purpose.

This is your chance to have your voice heard as requested by Representative Truitt. The survey is voluntary. The direct link is provided then click Take this survey.