Saturday, April 17, 2021

Dove Road East – Is it ever going to be finished?

That’s the question many residents who travel the section of Dove Road located in the Northeast portion of Southlake have been asking for the last several months.  The City and the contractor, North Texas Contracting anticipate that the paving of Dove Road between Lonesome Dove and N. Kimball Avenue will be completed by late May of this year.

According to the Project Engineer, Michelle McCullough, P.E., the reason that the final 2-inch surface course of asphalt was not installed in the fall was that construction equipment was still using the road for construction purposes.  The fact  that Heatherbrook Drive, Heather Lane, Royal Oaks Court, and Creekside Drive are all single point of access cul-de-sacs require the use of Dove Road as construction access to these areas during the installation of more than two miles of new underground sanitary sewer lines.

“The top surface course of asphalt would have been damaged by the construction equipment while the underground sewer was being installed”, said McCullough.

The good news is that the sanitary sewer improvements in the Heatherwood Estates and Royal Oaks neighborhoods are complete and work has begun on the Heatherbrook Court curb and driveway replacement in select areas.

Within the next month, the contractor will begin reconstructing the subgrade of the cul-de-sacs and then proceed with the paving of the streets.  Upon completion of the cul-de-sac paving expected in May, Dove Road paving operations between Lonesome Dove and N. Kimball Avenue will begin.

While the cul-de-sac paving work is underway, construction crews will also be constructing a new underground drainage structure at the southeast corner of Hunter’s Ridge and Dove Road.  Construction of this underground drainage structure will allow for the removal of the guard rail near the intersection. The contractor expects that all of the paving work will be completed in mid June pending favorable weather conditions.

Final cleanup and restoration of the project area is expected to continue through June.  For more information on this capital improvement project please click here.