Friday, April 16, 2021

Tuba Talent Carries CSHS Senior

Updated: Carroll ISD Senior, Brice Thomas has a bright future. As a member of the graduating class of 2011, Brice is looking forward to the next chapter in his life. Like most students, Brice will pack up his clothes, books, music and move to another town to attend college. Unlike most students, Brice will be bringing his signature accessory, a 25 pound tuba.

Brice has a talent for tuba ever since he first picked up the deep-sounding instrument in sixth grade. Brice said he chose the tuba because he thought it would be an easy instrument to play. The three valves gave a false impression that learning the music would be simple. Brice’s love of competition drove him to rehearse and motivated him to become one of the best tuba players in the state of Texas.

Brice was accepted to both The Juilliard School in New York City and The New England conservatory in Boston. Brice decided to attend Boston, after receiving the Presidential Scholarship, there he will study with Mike Roylance of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Brice plans to make a career out of playing the tuba. The job market for tuba players is extremely tight, given the fact that most orchestras have only one tuba player. But if anyone can do it, Brice can. He’s that good.

Brice enrolled in Carroll ISD when he was in second grade, after his family relocated to Southlake from Chicago. Brice attended Dawson Middle School where he worked with band director David Stone. Brice also took private tuba lessons. After auditioning as a freshman, Brice was accepted to the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra. Throughout his music career, Brice continues to receive honors. For each of the four years Brice attended Carroll High and Carroll Senior High, he was named a member of All-Region Band, All-Region Orchestra, All-Area Band and All-State Band and Orchestra. Brice also won second place in the Leonard Falcone International Euphonuim and Tuba Festival, Student Division. Brice said it was the Falcone honor that helped him realize he was an exceptional tuba player and could in fact, pursue a career in professional music.

Brice says he’s looking forward to college and new opportunities to play his tuba, hopefully internationally. While he may not miss his marching band days- carrying the tuba across the football field isn’t easy- he will miss the friends and teachers he’s had along the way.

Professional pictures courtesy of Rex Teter Photography.