Tuesday, April 13, 2021

City Answers Questions about Tree Limb Pickup

The recent storms may have caused tree limbs to fall into streets and residents’ yards.  If you need removal of brush and tree limbs please refer to the guidelines below:

  1. Does a brush / limb pick-up qualify as a bulk item pick-up?

    As a part of the bulk item pick-up service, Duncan Disposal will take away up to four cubic yards of unbundled brush and limbs at no additional charge.  Four cubic yards is about twice the size of a standard sized office desk.

  2. What if I have more than 4 cubic yards of brush / limbs set at the curb for disposal?

    If you have more brush that needs to be disposed of the options are:

    1. Bundle the brush into lengths of no more than 4 feet and no more than 50 pounds in weight.  The pickup of bundled brush will not incur additional charges.
    2. Place the unbundled brush at the curb and pay for removal.  The removal fee of unbundled brush in excess of 4 cubic yards is $110 per hour with a 30 minute minimum.
  3. How do I arrange for a pickup of unbundled brush?

    To arrange for a pickup of unbundled brush, please phone Duncan Disposal at 817-317-2424.

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