Tuesday, April 13, 2021

EIS Band Picked Over High School Groups

On Wednesday, April 20th, the Eubanks Intermediate band went to Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton to participate in the 40th Annual Band Fun-Fest. On this particular day, elementary, middle school and high school bands performed for three judges and were given ratings of either a I (Superior), II (Excellent) or III (Good).

The Eubanks band was the largest band to compete (118 musicians) and received Superior ratings from all three judges. Not only did the EIS band receive all superior ratings, they also were awarded the “Band of the Day”. This means that the judges recognized them as the best band at the competition, beating not only other elementary bands but also middle and high school bands.

EIS band directors said they were very impressed with the band’s performance. They say the students represented Carroll ISD and community extremely well.