Friday, May 14, 2021

Buying local now at your fingertips!

The Southlake Department of Economic Development & Tourism maintains as a resource providing immediate access to all businesses in Southlake.  Including home-based businesses, there are over 1,600 businesses in the database.  Southlake now has over 100 dining establishments and 250 retail businesses.

A change in the City’s website platform created the need to migrate the “Businesses” database from one platform to another.  The Department took advantage of this change and significantly upgraded the sites functionality and available information.

The website allows for several ways to query for a business.  You can query alphabetically by the first letter of the business, sort by the general type of business, or select unique keywords and search for them.  If you want pizza for lunch, enter “pizza” in the keyword search and all businesses that sell pizza will be in the query results.  The keyword search function utilizes the name of the business and the business description information as the basis for the search.

Other features added to upgrade the site include:

  • Significantly faster speed accessing the web and querying for a business
  • First level results provide phone number and website links to the business
  • A “map it” function takes you to a Google map showing the location of the business
  • Restaurant listings include links to their main menu as well as their catering menu
  • Any amenities that a business might have are identified, e.g. bar service, patio dining, delivery, wifi, breakfast, gift cards, private rooms, catering, kids menu and reservations
  • Each listing includes a “Business last updated” date to identify the most recent verification of the information

Businesses can also add or update their business on-line to include uploading logos, pictures or menus.  Businesses submitted one day are usually on the website the following day.

The home page for “Businesses” also provides quick links to our “New Biz List” of all recently opened businesses, the most recent Shopping & Dining Guide, and a link to Southlake Chamber of Commerce Members.

For more information, please contact Southlake’s Department of Economic Development at (817) 748-8037.