Saturday, May 15, 2021

Carroll Senior High Selects Green Jackets

Carroll Senior High School is proud to announce 16 students selected as Green Jackets. The students include Karl DeZoeten, Colin Kantor, Patrick Liu, Travis Martin, Jeffery Miller, James Noetzel, Roy Peryea, Arvind Venkataraman, Christina Devincenzo, Natalie Heineman, Courtney Smith, Julia Sunderland, Bonnie Song, Ashton Groves, Kathryn Cassetta and Lauren Rutherford.

Green Jacket candidates are comprised of junior level students who have a cumulative average of 95 or above. The counseling department generates a list of these high achieving students and that list is then given to the faculty for election.

Eight girls and eight boys, deemed the “best of the best,” are selected. The elected must be exemplary not only academically but also socially, and have no disciplinary problems. The Green Jackets’ primary duty is to serve as ambassadors for the school. They are often included as school representatives for community events, sporting events, graduation and the district’s annual convocation at the beginning of the school year.

Faculty sponsor Laura Wood-Smith said the tradition started several years ago under the previous administration and has continued under the leadership of Principal Mike Rhodes.

“It is quite an honor to work with these kids as they are consistently the brightest, wittiest, and most conscientious people you’ll ever meet,” Wood-Smith added.