Friday, May 14, 2021

What's a work of art? Help us decide!

What do the Windy City, the City of Scottsdale, AZ and Florence, Italy all have in common? Signature pieces of public art, of course! Chicago’s Cloud Gate, Scottsdale’s Love sculpture, and Florence’s David are all iconic pieces of public art that have permanently altered the visual landscape and cultural fabric of their respective cities of origin.

The City of Southlake, too, is making strides to enrich its community through public art, but cannot meet this goal without your input!  So that any future City-commissioned art work is truly representative of residents’ wishes, the City has created a brief survey titled “Art in the City” where citizens can give their opinions of what public art should look like in Southlake.

“I am excited and encouraged by the growing arts movement in Southlake, and I hope that you will join me in identifying our community’s future public art initiatives by taking the City’s art survey,” stated Terri Messing, Executive Director of the APEX Arts League. “Together, can we can make a big difference in our community, for only with everyone’s input can the City get an accurate picture of our community’s needs and desires.”

By taking just a couple minutes of your time to complete the City’s online public art survey, you will be actively participating in shaping your community’s future.  This survey is your opportunity to share your thoughts with the City about the arts! Share with us whether or not public art is something you are interested in, and if so, what kind of public art and where? Tell us about the sort of arts initiatives our community should invest in.

The results of the survey too, will be invaluable in helping the City develop its Arts Masterplan. Your feedback, in fact, may be just the kind that helps identify the City’s next signature work of public art!

To access the Art in the City survey, please click here. To learn more about current initiatives in Southlake, please click here.