Wednesday, April 14, 2021

City Carefully Monitoring Water Consumption

Temperatures hovering around 100 degrees have been the norm for the last several weeks and if current forecasts hold true, it could be a while before North Texas get any relief with cooler temperatures or rain.   A recent article in the Star Telegram warns that Fort Worth and the 26 communities (including Southlake) serviced by the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD), could be facing mandatory water restrictions in less than two months.

“The TRWD is the raw water provider to the City of Fort Worth from whom we buy our water, said Public Works Director Bob Price.  “As a customer of TRWD and Fort Worth, we are required to follow any restrictions that TWRD or Fort Worth implements.  If they determine that water restrictions are necessary we will do our part to make sure we are carefully using this precious and necessary resource.”

Price also has the ability to call for stage one water restrictions within the Southlake City limits.  If levels in the City elevated storage tanks fall below 18 feet three days in a row, restrictions can be triggered.

“Southlake was able to avoid restrictions last summer by carefully monitoring consumption, and working with the City’s major water customers, said Price.  “This summer the City is taking the same approach and so far so good.”

But Price is also careful to warn, if the TRWD enacts restrictions, we are obligated to immediately follow suit.  “Much of our water use is for irrigation, if residents start following the City’s recommended watering tips now, then if restrictions are required, the landscaping will already be acclimated to the changes.”

Smart water use is why drip irrigation is being used on one of the City’s biggest projects, the Southlake Boulevard Enhancement Project.  The medians which will divide the boulevard will be landscaped according to a plan approved by the City Council.  Plant selection considerations include drought tolerant plants, bold landscaping patterns and other design criteria and seasonal considerations.

“While still beautiful, the median landscaping is designed to stand up to varying weather conditions,” said Community Services Director Chris Tribble.  “We will constantly be evaluating the median landscaping to make sure that we continue to make smart planting choices.”

Once the median landscaping has taken root the watering scheduled will comply with the City’s watering restrictions: no watering year-round from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information about water conservation in the City of Southlake visit Please visit to view a continuously updated map of drought conditions nation-wide.