Saturday, April 17, 2021

City: “Please Help Us Conserve Water”

Early Monday morning, the City of Southlake enacted Stage 1 water restrictions.   The restrictions focus primarily on landscape watering with all residents and businesses now required to follow the watering schedule below:


Property Designation Watering Days
Residential Addresses ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, or 8) Wednesday & Saturday
Residential Addresses ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9) Thursday & Sunday
Non-residential addresses including businesses, HOAs, parks,  medians, etc. Tuesday & Friday
No lawn or landscape watering Monday

“We are asking for everyone’s help in the next 72 hours,” said Public Works Director Bob Price.  “If we can decrease the amount of water being drawn from the entire City’s storage tanks, both elevated and ground level, then we won’t find ourselves in the same situation we did this morning.”

Price is referring to the early morning phone call that greeted many residents Monday morning.  “We sent out the call because it was critical to maintain enough water in the elevated storage tanks to maintain adequate water pressure in the system,” said Price.   “Triple digit temperatures, along with drought conditions and high-demand water use brought us to the point of having to notify all water customers.   We saw a decreased use of water soon after the calls went out, and we are appreciative of the response. ”

According to the Public Works staff, it will take the City three days to reach optimum levels in all of the water storage tanks.  For the next three days, thru Thursday, July 29th, the City is asking for help in the following ways:

  • Follow Stage 1, twice per week, mandatory watering schedule.
  • Please refrain from draining and filling your pool if possible.
  • Nurseries, while exempt from Stage 1 mandatory watering schedule, are being asked not to water every day if possible.
  • Please refrain from filling detention ponds and any other decorative water features.

This past Saturday, the Public Works staff saw a large increase, more than 2.5 million gallons, over Friday’s usage.  As Price explained it, although we have plenty of water coming in from Fort Worth (the City’s water supplier) the ability to pump it through the system to meet the incredibly heavy demand is what caused today’s issue.  “Our pumps are working at maximum capacity, to tap them any further would compromise our entire water system,” said Price.

The City is also doing the following to decrease its water use:

  • The City has further reduced its own water use by not washing City vehicles
  • The City has turned off the ornamental fountains at the Town Square parks.
  • City parks are complying with the mandatory, twice per week, watering schedule.
  • City has also increased water leak detection, and repair efforts.
  • The City has contacted all high volume water customers, and requested their assistance in reducing water usage.

Under the ordinance, the City can issue fines up to $2,000 if users don’t follow the restrictions.  According to Price, he doesn’t anticipate the City having to hand out citations, but this course of action is possible if ordinance violations occur.

If you see a potential water problem, please call the water conservation hotline at (817) 748-8638.  For more information on the City’s water conservation plan, please visit