Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Carroll Graduate Pursuing Career in Christian Music

Like most graduates of Carroll ISD, Camaryn Rogers had high aspirations. She just didn’t realize how high. Originally planning on a career in broadcasting with a full scholarship from a major university, fate intervened in high school while she was performing in a Christmas show.  As a result, Rogers chose a different path.

The August 2011 graduate of Belmont University in Nashville recently signed a recording contract with Christian music label, RadioActive Entertainment. Her first single, “Heir Of A Kingdom,” is available in iTunes and currently being played in more than 20 markets nationwide. A pending deal with the mega Christian radio station, KLTY, could officially launch her career.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in music and a hit single under her belt, which she co-wrote, Rogers was in Southlake for a few days after graduation and spoke about her accomplishments to-date and future goals:

Q:  When did you first discover your vocal talent?

A:   When I moved to Texas in the fifth grade and joined a girls’ choir. I realized then it could be more than a hobby.

Q:  When was your first performance?

A:  During a solo I had in a school play at Durham Elementary.

Q:  Why did you choose Christian music?

A:  I attend White’s Chapel United Methodist Church and participated in mission trips and youth ministry every summer. This is where I learned to combine ministry and music.

Q:  How did you become signed to a music label?

A:  During my senior year at Belmont, I was writing music with a Christian band and they introduced me to a producer at RadioActive Entertainment. I signed a contract this past May.

Q:  Do you have plans to release an album?

A: Yes, my goal is to release a CD with five or six songs this year and start touring in 2012.

Q:  What is the inspiration for the songs you write?

A:  Everyday stuff that is going on in my life. I want my songs to be relevant and speak to the struggles of today’s youth.

Q:  What is your proudest moment?

A:  Being selected for the Commercial Music Showcase at Belmont, which is an annual event that record producers attend. I almost didn’t try out!

Q:  What is your ultimate goal?

A:  To have an impact in Christian music. In 10 years, I’d like to be performing in front of large audiences internationally.

Q:  What do you like to do when not writing songs or performing?

A:   I have an awesome group of friends that I spend time with and I’m close to my sisters. I’m a big music fan and enjoy going to friends’ concerts to support them.

For more information about Camaryn Rogers, go to www.camarynrogers.com or follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/camarynrogers.