Saturday, May 15, 2021

Walnut Grove Announces Meet The Teacher Schedule

School officials have announced the Meet The Teacher schedule for Carroll’s newest campus, Walnut Grove Elementary. Contractors and school officials are putting the finishing touches on the school, which will open for its first day of classes on August 22.

Dr. Betty McIlvain, Walnut Grove Elementary’s Principal, said Meet The Teacher will be held on the morning of Friday, August 19 with students and their parents attending a staggered schedule based on a family’s last name.

Group 1 will consist of all families with the last name beginning with A-E from 8 to 8:45 a.m.

Group 2 will consist of all families with the last name beginning with F-M from 9:15 to 10 a.m.

Group 3 will consist of all families with the last name beginning with N-Z from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m.

Carroll school officials say the staggered schedule was established for back-to-school events at WGES until the overflow parking at the campus is ready for vehicles. The area in front of the school has been seeded and hydra-mulched, but the grass has not yet taken root.

Walnut Grove Elementary has typical concrete parking areas, but it also features a grasscrete area for overflow parking needed for the few special events involving high volume attendance. This environmentally-friendly paving material offers the durability of standard concrete but creates more green space on the campus and is just one of the many green strategies incorporated into the school’s design.

This grasscrete substance uses material below ground level with a layer of packed sand, then a honeycombed plastic substance that is then filled with top soil and covered with hydra-mulch and grass seed. Once the lawn grows, the area can be used for backup parking. Officials say it can withstand the weight of a large, fully-loaded fire truck without damaging the surface. When fully complete, the area will appear as green lawn space with grass, but can successfully be used to park additional vehicles on site.

School officials say there won’t be enough parking during the August and September months for all Walnut Grove parents at one time. To aid in preserving spaces for families, Walnut Grove employees will park at the Durham Elementary campus on Shady Oaks Drive and ride Carroll ISD buses over to the Meet the Teacher event.

Students are encouraged to bring their school supply packets to Meet the Teacher in the gym/cafeteria area of the campus, as classrooms may not be visit ready for this event.  The campus is located at 2520 North White Chapel Boulevard just north of the traffic loop and water tower.


The area shown in the picture to the left will eventually appear as green space with grass, but is designed to withstand vehicles for overflow traffic. This grasscrete area will not be ready for parent parking at Back-to-School events, but should prove to be a popular green strategy at CISD’s newest elementary school.