Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Water Conservation Update: 430 Violations Notices and Counting

Since Stage I water restrictions were enacted last week, the City of Southlake has issued more than 430 notices of violation to residents and businesses owners who are watering outside of their Stage I restrictions.

As of Tuesday August 2nd, the City had issued two citations.  Citations can carry fines up to $2,000.

“We are doing our best to work with property owners, “said Deputy Public Works Director Chuck Kendrick.  “But if we find properties which are watering outside of the prescribed watering times, we will investigate and if necessary we will issue a citation.”

The City is working with water users so that citations and fines aren’t being issued indiscriminately.  “Before a citation is issued, we do our homework to make sure that it’s warranted,” said Kendrick.   “For the most part people are following the rules, and we are encouraged by that.”

But the violation notices and citations are only part of the story.  Kendrick is worried that even though the City has not seen any consumption spikes, the high temperatures combined with the drought conditions and continued high use could send the City into Stage II restrictions.

“Ideally, to avoid Stage II we need everyone to follow the rules and lower our consumption levels,” said Kendrick.  “But that means that everyone has to comply.  Monday (8/1) was a no water day, but we still had heavy consumption in the overnight hours, meaning a lot of properties are using water for irrigation when they shouldn’t be.”

The triggers for Stage II are the same as for Stage I, three days of water levels below 18 foot in the City’s elevated storage tanks.  The Stage II restrictions include residential and business irrigation watering once a week, the prohibition of filling swimming pools with automatic valves as well as the operation of ornamental fountains and ponds that use potable water.

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