Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Summer C.A.M.P. Mania a Smashing Success

Summer C.A.M.P. Mania had a record breaking year this summer. Enrollment for the program was at its best and even with an increased maximum the camp still sold-out every week by early June. But more campers just meant more fun!

From snow cones, to talent shows, to arts and crafts and even a visit from the guys at Southlake Fire Station No. 1, the campers enjoyed lots of fun and exciting activities. The campers also worked each week to achieve their C.A.M.P. Mania goal. Every Monday, all of the campers set a goal to accomplish that week at camp. Some goals were as simple as jumping off the high dive while others required a little more work like learning the names of all of the campers in their group.

The goals are just one more way that C.A.M.P. provides a positive environment for the campers to grow physically, emotionally and mentally. Parents and campers alike loved this summer staple as one parent commented, “The staff are always friendly and seem very engaged with the kids. My daughter never wants to leave when I come to get her. This is a great program to offer to the Southlake residents!”

As the summer came to a close, everyone was sad to say goodbye to friends, new and old, though we can hardly wait until next summer!