Friday, May 14, 2021

Dragons Successful at Region Jazz Audition

On Saturday, September 17 members of the Carroll Jazz Band participated in the All-Region Jazz audition in Carrollton. There were a record 140 students from 14 high schools auditioning for two 19-member jazz ensembles.

Following Saturday’s audition, 10 of the 19 students in the top ensemble and 7 of the 19 in the 2nd group are Dragons. These ten students in the top group will record a taped audition for All-State Jazz on Wednesday, September 28th at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton.


The Dragons who made a band are listed below:

Jazz Band 1 (Area)

Michael Leung – alto sax 1

Zach Loucks – alto sax 2

Nathan Zaremba -tenor sax 1

Taylor Lapham – tenor sax 2

Taylor White – trumpet 1

Pete Thayer – trumpet 5

Chris Blackwell – trombone 1

Nick Booth – trombone 3

Dayne Herndon – guitar

Ashley Young – piano

Jazz Band 2

Philip Brown – alto sax 1

Colton Ginn – tenor sax 2

Colin Hilliard – bari sax

Chris Weisberg – trumpet 3

Cameron Brewer – trombone 3

Brett Knudson – bass trombone

Ellie Miller – piano


Daniel Canterino – tenor sax

Stephen Falkenberg – bass