Saturday, April 17, 2021

President's Speech To Students Sept. 28

Carroll students in grades 5-12 will watch President Barack Obama’s address to school children Wednesday in their respective social studies/history classes. It will be a class activity, but may not be watched by many Dragons live because of the timing – during lunch.

CISD’s Teaching & Learning Services Department will provide a link for teachers in a shared drive. This will enable staff to show the speech at the next available opportunity if their social studies class does not meet during the 12:30 p.m. air time. Carroll’s policy allows parents to opt out if they don’t want their child to participate in a particular classroom lesson or activity. All they have to do is contact their child’s school in writing before the speech.  Typically an alternative activity or assignment is given and the students are allowed to go to a predesignated spot, like the library, etc.

Advanced Placement (AP) teachers are given the option of showing the speech since their schedule is so rigorous and dependent on the AP curriculum/test. If a parent wants their child to watch it live or as a family, the parent can check the student out during the time period of the speech and it will be considered an excused absence. In order to be excused, however, the student, must be in school for his/her other classes.