Wednesday, December 6, 2023

District Booster Partners with Local Hospital

On September 12, the Carroll School Board unanimously approved a one-year, exclusive advertising and sponsorship agreement with Children’s Medical Center of Dallas on behalf of the Carroll Medical Academy Booster Club. The $10,000 agreement makes Children’s the sole sponsor of CMA in the hospital category.

CMA is an academic program that provides exceptional students who have an interest in entering a medical, dental, veterinary or research-based field with a challenging Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum beginning the freshman year of high school. Intensely focused on math and science, the program allows students to maximize their number of AP courses to earn college credit. The advanced coursework of CMA is the best preparation available to gifted students for the rigorous demands of college.

The advertising and sponsorship agreement was made possible through the work of CMA Booster President Cheryl Salanty. The money, she says, will go to support the ongoing costs associated with ensuring excellence for CMA students. These costs could include guest speakers, special CMA events, supplies and materials for science lab upgrades and more.

“It is impressive when community facilities such as Children’s Medical Center understand not just the health needs of our children, but their educational needs as well,” Salanty said. “This sponsorship will provide enhanced educational opportunities to this unique set of students who are interested in the medical field.”

Salanty worked with the Carroll ISD’s Communications & Marketing Department to develop an advertising and sponsorship package that would appeal to Children’s Medical Center. As part of the agreement, the hospital will receive online web advertisements, bus advertisements, and the opportunity to be the exclusive sponsor of the Carroll Medical Academy in the hospital category.

“Children’s Medical Center is pleased to partner with the Carroll Medical Academy, supporting not just the health needs of children in this area, but their educational needs as well,” said Trent Smith, Senior Vice President of Network Development for Children’s. “This unique opportunity allows Children’s to be a part of shaping the future of students who are interested in the medical field.”

School officials say the state of public school funding in Texas will make agreements like this one more critical as districts face severe budget cuts and program changes. Funds received as part of the advertising and marketing agreements are not subject to the Chapter 41 recapture formula and stay within CISD. Last year, sponsorship agreements earned about $425,000 to help fund CISD projects and daily operations.

“Children’s Medical Center is proud to be a part of the Southlake community by providing specialty care to children and supporting important area initiatives,” Smith added.

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