Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dragon Swimmers Capture First At Ranger Relays

The Carroll Dragons boys and girls swim teams were in action last Saturday at the 4th Annual Ranger Relays Swimming Invitational, hosted by Lewisville ISD.

This marked the season-opening relay meet to kickoff the new season. The Lady Dragons earned a perfect score of 320 for first place. The boys also finished in first place, scoring 314 points.

Carroll dominated the meet winning 15 of the 16 relays. The Dragons will host the 6th Annual Dragon Hunt at the CISD Aquatics Center at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 15.

Top 2 Dragon Relays

200 Medley Relay  1st  1:51.60 with Taylor Derevyanik, Kendall Coffey, Sydney Wheeler and Emily Zapinski

200 Medley Relay 1st   1:39.09 with Christian Shannon, John Remetta, Curtis Goss and Jacob Elieson

200 Fly Relay  1st   1:49.10 with Sydney Wheeler, Rebecca Upton, Emily Gibson and Lindsay Schultz

200 Fly Relay  1st   1:38.55 with Curtis Goss, Colin Giddings, Jake Tovey and Ryan Walker

400 IM Relay   1st  4:09.78 with MacKenzie Leonard, Emily Gibson, Rebecca Upton, and Jennie Hall

400 IM Relay   1st  3:43.63 with John Remetta, Jonathan Roberts, Austin Nguyenphu and Taylor Willenbring

200 Breast Relay  1st  2:10.48 with MacKenzie Leonard, Taylor Derevyanik, Kendall Coffey and Morgan Pettyjohn

200 Breast Relay 2nd  1:53.92 with John Remetta, Austin Nguyenphu, Taylor Willenbring and Kyle Spencer

200 Free Relay   1st   1:41.41  with Lindsay Schultz, Emily Zapinski, Tanya Ittiruck and Lauren Wheeler

200 Free Relay   1st   1:31.46 with John Ausdenmoore, Colin Giddings, Jacob Elieson and Kyle Spencer

400 Medley Relay  1st  4:04.00 with Emily Gibson, MacKenzie Leonard, Taylor Derevyanik and Alexa Baran

400 Medley Relay  1st  3:39.65 with Jonathan Roberts, Austin Nguyenphu, Jake Tovey and John Ausdenmoore

200 Back Relay   1st   1:54.22 with Sydney Wheeler, Jennie Hall, Lauren Wheeler and Elizabeth Nedrow

200 Back Relay   1st  1:41.65 with Curtis Goss, Ryan Walker, Christian Shannon and Jonathan Roberts

400 Free Relay   1st  3:37.36 with Lindsay Schultz, Emily Zapinski, Rebecca Upton and Alexa Baran

400 Free Relay   1st  3:18.84  with Colin Giddings, Jake Tovey, Ryan Walker and John Ausdenmoore

Dragon 50 Free “Shoot-Out” swimmers, in order, included:

1. Ryan Walker

2. Taylor Derevyanik

3. Jonathan Roberts

4. Emily Zapinski

5.  John Remetta

6.  Lindsay Schultz

7.  John Ausdenmoore

**In the “Shoot-Out” each Dragon swimmer swam a 50 free “elimination” race, until there were only two swimmers left.  Those two raced for the trophy.

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