Friday, May 14, 2021

City Kicks off 2011 Citizen Survey

Every two years, the City of Southlake conducts a citizen survey to measure residents’ satisfaction levels with city services and gather opinions on specific policy questions. From quality of life and neighborhood safety to this website and city services, we want to know what residents are thinking.

The City contracts with Decision Analyst, an independent, external firm to create a survey designed to collect trend data on how Southlake residents rate the quality of city services and the community as a whole, their awareness of the City’s communication mediums and to ask for their opinions on certain policies or proposed policy changes.  As in 2009, the firm will use the City’s SPIN maps to help divide the City geographically.  This is in part to help make sure that the City receives a balanced response from each area.

“This survey is a large piece of the City’s strategic plan,” said Assistant to the City Manager Alison Ortowski.  ”The City uses the results of the survey to help prioritize budgeting for capital improvement projects,  improve customer service or focus on a particular issue that residents consider important.”

In 2009, sidewalks, roads and parks were of great importance to many of the survey’s 700-plus participants.  This year the City would like to increase citizen participation.

“Every year we see more and more residents take part, said Ortowski.  “We are shooting for 1000 participants this year, and I think we will get it.”

The City has been conducting citizen surveys since 1997 and has made it a biannual commitment since 2007.  Results from the survey will be available early next year.  To take part in this year’s survey please visit