Tuesday, April 13, 2021

EMS Lieutenant Promoted

Congratulations are in order for Ryan Arthur who has been the acting EmergencyMedical Services (EMS) Lieutenant for the last few months.  He has now been officially promoted to the position.

EMS Lieutenant Promoted

Lt. Arthur has over twelve years’ experience in fire and emergency services.  He spent nine years with the City of Allen and the last three with the City of Southlake’s Department of Public Safety, both as a firefighter and paramedic and also as a police officer.  Lt. Arthur says, “I came to Southlake because of their Public Safety Officer program which allowed me the opportunity to gain experience in handling crisis situations as both a paramedic and a police officer.  I am truly honored by the confidence that has been placed in me by Fire Chief Mike Starr.”

Chief Starr said, “Lt. Arthur is the kind of person you want in this role.  He can assess a situation quickly and remain calm under pressure.  He also has the passion and drive to help provide the best training possible for our emergency response fire service personnel.”  As the new EMS Lieutenant, Arthur will be responsible for all EMS operations, that includes making sure Southlake Fire Services is providing the highest standard of care to its citizens.

Lt. Arthur said he’s following in the footsteps of one of his uncles.  “Hearing all of his stories about helping others really instilled a desire in me to pursue a career as a firefighter.”  So, at the ripe old age of 18, he attended the basic fire academy and received his firefighter/EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certificate.  He worked part-time for the City of Wylie before being quickly scooped up by the City of Allen.

One of Lt. Arthur’s most memorable calls occurred shortly after graduation while he was still learning the ropes.  It involved the possible drowning of a toddler in a pool. He was on duty performing some hydrant flow tests when the call came in.  As he listened to the call, he realized he was right around the corner and quickly sprang into action.  He arrived at the scene in about thirty seconds where he was met by the grandfather of the toddler who was caring her lifeless body and pleading for him to help.  Lt. Arthur immediately put the child on the ground and began basic life support and CPR.  After about one minute he stopped to check for a pulse.  The little girl took a deep, long breath and the color returned to her cheeks.  She was careflighted to Children’s Medical Center where she made a full recovery.

Assistant Fire Chief Wade Carroll says, “Lt. Arthur represents DPS well and is a great example of the kind of individuals we have working within the department.”

Congratulations again Lt. Arthur!