Wednesday, May 12, 2021

New Police Recruits Graduate

The City of Southlake’s Department of Public Safety is proud to add three new recruits to its police force, Robert Briggs, Erica Smetters and Terry Carpenter.
All three officers just completed 18 weeks of training at the Basic Police Officers Academy class.

New Police Recruits Graduate

During the graduation ceremony on November 10th, the entire 146th Academy Class was recognized for their dedication and for committing the… Police Code of Ethics to memory.

Recruit Officer Briggs was recognized as the “Top Shooter” for the class. Recruit Officer Carpenter was recognized as the “Most Physically Fit” and “Distinguished Recruit”, which is voted on by class peers as the officer they would most want to work alongside.

New Recruit Officers Briggs, Carpenter and Smetters are to be commended for representing the high standards of the City of Southlake and the Department of Public Safety.

Welcome aboard! We know you will have long and distinguished careers with the City of Southlake DPS division.