Thursday, January 28, 2021

Carroll CompSci Invitational Results

L-R kneeling: Phillip Brown, Josh Dunn, Nick Fisher; Back row: Emilie Featherston, Zech Hein, Luke Klopchic, Leif Kimball, George Farcasiu, Anisha Manne, Jake Rowland, Reid Long, Conner Mitchell, Antonio Woods, Abbas Ally, Eric Andrup, Vijay Ramesh, Deepak Chandra

Carroll competed at the annual Plano Computer Science Invitational Contest on Saturday, Jan. 21,  along with approximately 100 other students from around the metroplex at Plano Sr. High School.

Southlake entered 6 teams and the following is a list of students who came home with awards:

  • Zech Hein, Philip Brown, and George Farcasiu won First Place Novice Team
  • Nick Fisher and Deepak Chandra won 3rd Place in the Novice Division
  • Our third novice team with Vijay Ramesh, Jake Rowland, and Abbas Ally finished 6th in the Novice Division

Carroll advanced teams finished in 5th, 9th, and 11th places out of 20 advanced teams:

  • 5th: Luke Klopchic, Josh Dunn, and Conner Mitchell
  • 9th: Anisha Manne, Leif Kimball, and Emilie Featherston
  • 11th: Erik Andrup, Reid Long and Antonio Woods

In the individual competitions:

  • Reid Long won a medal for 6th place in the Novice division for his written test
  • Abbas Ally, Nick Fisher, Philip Brown, George Farcasiu, and Zech Hein all finished in the top half of the novice competition

In the Advanced division, almost all of our competitors finished in the top half, with top honors from Carroll going to Conner Mitchell with 9th place.