Monday, October 26, 2020

Carroll Students Join Present Party

The Friday before the 2011 holiday break, students and staff of Carroll Middle School participated in an Angel Tree Present Party in nearby Lewisville ISD.

The boys and girls basketball teams from Carroll Middle School donated gifts to a dozen Lewisville High School students. The students’ teacher, Alice Webb is the wife of Carroll Middle School Athletic Coordinator Jacob Webb. Coach Webb had each of his twelve teams (boys and girls, 7th and 8th grade A, B, and C) sponsor one Lewisville student.

According to their teacher Mrs. Webb, the students relocated to North Texas from Burma to escape religious persecution. With the assistance of a local church, the students were brought to Lewisville. Webb said the students told her this was the first time they had opened a Christmas present and that they never received gifts (other than candy) in Burma.  Webb also added that one of the female students intentionally did not open three gifts. When Webb asked her why, the student replied, “I want to safe these for my sisters at home so they can know how it feels to open presents”.