Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Message from Relay for Life Southlake Chairperson

My name is Kristie Millican, and iRelay.

iRelay not just for one individual or one form of cancer.  iRelay for the countless stories that have been shared with me over the past two years while volunteering with Relay For Life.  Each time I am confronted with another story and another person, I develop an even deeper passion to work with others in raising the awareness and the funds that may just someday keep another friend, family member, aquaintance, or even stranger from facing this terrible giant.  My name is Kristie Millican, and iRelay!

Welcome to Relay For Life Southlake 2012 (Friday, May 11, 2012).  This year’s theme, iRelay, is amazing as it will bring each of us closer to the cause and reason for continuing to Relay from one year to the next.  To know that we have lost some of our own Relay survivors and that so many are still facing the battle is the reason we continue to work to find cures.  I ask each person to consider this theme as you initiate a team or join an existing team, and then begin to share with others your personal iRelay story.  I guarantee it will make your experience more meaningful, more purposeful!

You are encouraged to communicate with your 2011 RFL team and determine who will take on the lead as a team captain.  Then begin to form your teams.  Team captains can immediately begin to register teams online at then encourage other participants to get registered.  As many of us are now returning Relay participants, we see the value of beginning the process sooner than later.

Please mark your calendar for our first team captain meeting which will be held on Thursday, January 19th from 6:00-7:00pm in the library of the old Carroll Middle School (Dove Road and Carroll Avenue).  It is advantageous to always have at least one team member present at every meeting in order to keep abreast of the various aspects that create a successful Relay For Life team.

Looking forward to a wonderful event!


Kristie Millican

Chairperson, Relay For Life Southlake 2012