Monday, October 26, 2020

Alert Southlake Police Officer Makes Arrest

A couple accused of a string of vehicle burglaries in the City of Southlake apparently were unaware of news alerts about the crimes including a description of their vehicle.  They were also unaware that Southlake DPS Police Officers were on the lookout for them and their red Dodge Charger. The duo definitely didn’t count on alert Police Officer Frank Rogers either. Officer Rogers spotted the couple’s vehicle soon after reports that they had struck again; smashing the windows of several cars and allegedly stealing the valuables inside.

Officer Rogers was on routine patrol on Wednesday, January 18th when he spotted a vehicle matching the description of the one reported to be involved in several thefts that morning.  He followed the pair into a local business parking lot and notified Detective Venessa Trevino.  Their teamwork and subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of a husband and wife from Whitesboro, Texas.

Several items observed in the couple’s car matched the property reported stolen from the earlier Southlake vehicle burglaries. Detective Trevino charged the individuals with those vehicle burglaries, and the female has been also been charged with credit card abuse.  Additional charges are pending as the investigation continues. Police Chief Stephen Mylett said, “This is great police work and teamwork at its best!  I am extremely proud of the efforts of Officer Rogers and Detective Trevino!”

The investigation is ongoing to determine whether the couple is connected to other burglaries or crimes, which have occurred in Southlake and the surrounding areas over the last several months.

Meanwhile, this recent arrest serves as a good reminder to residents to follow the guidelines in the “Take, Lock and Hide” program. Always, take your purse or wallet with you; never leave them in your vehicle.  Lock or hide all valuables in the trunk of your car so they are out of sight. Southlake DPS wants to help keep you from becoming a target or victim of thieves.