Sunday, October 25, 2020

National Speaker Talks Recruiting At CSHS

National keynote speaker, Jack Renkens of Recruiting Realities will bring his unique, no-nonsense presentation on college athletic recruiting to Carroll Senior High School on Monday, March 5 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. “It’s a Game… Know the Rules” is guaranteed to serve as a reality check for families of student-athletes looking to get their degree and play at the college level. Jack’s 45-minute presentation is FREE and open to the public.

Entering his 16th year touring the United States, Jack Renkens has established himself as one of the top athletic/motivational speakers in the nation, presenting at state athletic conferences, football clinics, college financial planning groups, sports camps and high schools from coast to coast. His speaking tour includes over 170 high schools each year, with enrollments from 250 to 2500 students. As a former high school/college coach and athletic director, Jack is also a featured newspaper columnist, having written 12 books on the recruiting process.

Jack’s message is never sugar-coated. “It may not be what some parents want to hear, but it definitely is what they need to hear. I’m primarily trying to get families to be realistic about the opportunities that are available and to get them to understand it’s about getting your education, not about hitting the ball, kicking the ball, throwing the ball. It’s about finding the right match academically.”

One of the many realities Jack details are the high expectations of athletes and parents when it comes to having sports pay for a college education. “There are a lot of student-athletes out there and less than 1 percent are going to a Division 1 school,” he said. “However you’ve got 99 percent of kids out there that can play at the college level in divisions other than D1. The key is finding the right school and financial aid package.”

“Student-athletes need to come to terms with three basic realities,” Jack said. 

  • Number one. You don’t get to pick the school. They pick you.
  • Number two. A college coach can’t recruit you if he/she doesn’t know who you are. Student- athletes need to market themselves.”
  • Number three. Don’t get hung up on the words ‘athletic scholarship.’ Focus on “funding”  comprised of academic money, merit money, grants, endowment and achievement money. 

Parents have an opportunity to hear the truth about college athletic recruiting, the role of their high school coach, the impact of today’s social media and where parents fit into the process. If your son or daughter is serious about getting a college degree and passionate about the sport they play, this is an event you can’t afford to miss. 

For more on Renkens’ presentation, check the Recruiting Realities web site at To see him in action, search ‘Jack Renkens’ on