Thursday, January 28, 2021

CMS Students Really Do "Read to Win"

Carroll Middle School is proud to announce another record reading semester on the Carroll ISD campus.

The Read to Win program works like this: students read during Dragon Den on Monday and Wednesday’s and earn raffle tickets for each book completed and form filled out about the book. Each six weeks, drawings are held and prizes are awarded for reading such as gift cards for Tyler’s, Jamba Juice, and Harkins Theater. At the end of each semester, a grand prize is given away. This semester’s grand prize was was an Amazon Kindle. The CMS PTSO is the organization that generously collects donations for the raffle drawings.

The program was started several years ago by CMS literacy coach Karla Sisson and language arts teacher Amy Adams. Both say they are very proud of the program’s success. CMS Principal Matt Miller says his campus has one of the highest book circulation rates in the library among CISD students. It’s great news and keeps CMS librarian Cynthia Bittick very busy.

Congratulations to the first semester winners, the following lucky readers received prizes because of R2W:

1st 6 weeks

  • 7th grade – Molly McManus, Cam Leak, Hafsa Zuberi
  • 8th grade – Sebastian Stettler, Clay Vincent, Cassidy Gilllum

2nd 6 weeks

  • 7th grade – Allison Li, Peyton Landrum, Reece Witcher
  • 8th grade – Jacy Lumpkins, Katie Hanson, Cassidy Gillum

3rd 6 weeks

  • 7th – Suni Daggubati, John Miller, Jonathon Saeger
  • 8th – Courtney Manning, Mikayla Bailey, Claire Riordan

Semester GRAND PRIZE – Amazon Kindle

  • Aaron Ziegler (pictured right) – who read over 52 books this past semester!