Saturday, January 16, 2021

Lady Dragon Track Runs To First At Relays

The Carroll Lady Dragon track team is coming off a great performance last week at the Carrollton Farmers Branch Relays. The results are below and additionally there are several Lady Dragons holding spots in the top 10 in the state.  Courtney Kriegshauser (#4 –800, #1 1600), Shelby Chapin (# 5 —3200, 8 1600), Felice Johnson (# 2  —-1600, #8–3200), Kami Mickens (#6—400 M) 4 x 100 Relay (#9) 4 x 200 (#10) 4 x 400 (#6)  High Jump Kyra Maryland (T#6). 

The Lady Dragons return to competition at Plano West Thursday, March 29.

Lady Dragons Track 2012 Schedule

3200-V 1st Place Felice Johnson

             2nd Place Shelby Chapin

3200- JV  1—Allison Naval

                2—Lauren Berry

               3—Annie Fillers

               4—Morgan Baulier

               5—Laura Lashus

               6—Maddie Keen

4×100 V—2nd  48.47  (New School Record)  Tiffany Megwa, Elizabeth Bryant, Kami Mickens, Maiya Burns

 4×100 JV—6th Kelly Covert, Rebecca Gordon, Peyton Smith, Ariana Brown

800 V M Run—4th Katie Burnham

800 JV M Run—1st Christine Knowlton

                             2nd Amelia Ahner

                             4th Samantha Young

                            5th Kelsey Welding

100 M Hurdles V—6th Lauren Harris

100 M Hurdles JV—4th Dana Pahanish

100 M Dash 4—4th Maiya Burns

4 x 200 M Relay JV—3rd  Kelly Covert, Rebecca Gordon, Mika Ryan, Ariana Brown

400 M Run V—2nd Kami Mickens

                           5th Bailey Farmer

400 M Run JV—1st Taylor Henderson

300 M Hurdles JV—2nd Dana Pahanish

200 M Dash JV—1st Ariana Brown

1600 M Run V—1st Sarah Cory

                             3rd Taylor Ullman

                             4th Vicki Bottorff

1600 M Run JV—1st  Lauren Berry

                              2nd Morgan Baulier

                              3rd Annie Fillers

                              4th Allison Naval

                              5th Maddie Keen

                              6th Laura Lashus


4 x 400 Relay  1st Nicole Casonhua, Danielle Dennis, Kami Mickens, Bailey Farmer

4 x 400 Relay 1st  Kelly Covert, Kelsey Welding, Taylor Henderson, Mika Ryan


High Jump V  2nd Kyra Maryland

                        5th Kennedy Leonard

High Jump JV—2nd Dana Pahanish

Pole Vault V—4th Chelsea Mayberry

Pole Vault JV—1st Sarah Meinz

Long Jump V—6th  Elizabeth Bryant

Long Jump JV—3rd Peyton Smith

                            4th Sarah Meinz

Currently Ranked in the Top 10 in the Region:

100 Tiffany Megwa and Maiya Burns

400  Kami Mickens and Bailey Farmer

800 Courtney Kriegshauser

1600 & 3200 Courtney Kriegshauser, Felice Johnson, Shelby Chapin

100 Hurdles  Lauren Harris

300 Hurdles and Long Jump Sarah Robinson

4×100 Relay, 4 x 200 Relay Team, 4 x 400 Relay Team

High Jump Kyra Maryland

Triple Jump Kyleigh Compton