Saturday, January 16, 2021

Carroll Celebrates Diagnosticians

Carroll Independent School District joins the State of Texas in recognizing educational diagnosticians. In an effort to recognize the important efforts of diagnosticians, Texas Governor Rick Perry declared the week of March 5-9, 2012 to be Educational Diagnostician’s Week.

Carroll ISD employs nine educational diagnosticians to work with students at the district’s 11 campuses. The staff includes: Debra Neal, Carroll Elementary School; Melinda Harrington, Johnson Elementary School and Old Union Elementary School; Kimberley Henning, Rockenbaugh Elementary School and Walnut Grove Elementary School; Bonny Cabla, Durham Intermediate School and Eubanks Intermediate School; Barbara Cline, Dawson Middle School and Eubanks Intermediate School; Geetha Arockiam, Carroll Middle School; Carolla Dillard, Robin Kuntz, Elizabeth Loewecke, Carroll High School and Carroll Senior High School. These staff members work directly with students to provide specialized instruction if necessary.

To learn more about educational diagnosticians visit the Carroll ISD website and watch the video below produced by the CISD Communications and Marketing Department.