Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Carroll's Odyssey of the Mind Tournament Results

Carroll ISD Odyssey of the Mind teams competed against teams from other north Texas schools in a weekend tournament on Saturday, March 3. The tournament was held at Carroll High School started around 12:30 p.m. and ended 4 p.m.

Over 35 teams from the North Texas region competed during this event, for the chance to advance to the State Tournament in Houston. 13 teams from Carroll ISD proudly represented 8 Carroll schools, and 6 of these teams secured their spot at state. Every team, many of which were brand new teams and coaches, did a great job and impressed the judges and spectators with their creativity and teamwork. They also had fun.

The results for our Carroll teams are as follows (teams marked with an asterisk (*) indicates the team advanced to State):

Primary Division

Carroll Elementary School: Elizabeth Fong, Kevin Liu, Declan Rae, Anvitha Sharma, Colin Gray, Harrison Moore


Vehicular Problem, Division I:

Rockenbaugh Elementary School, 3rd Place: Ryan Colvin, Matthew Vinson, Peyton Lawrence, Hunter Freeseman, Robbie Pino, Joshua Oldroyd, and Faraz Asim. Coaches: Michael Colvin and David Vinson


Vehicular Problem, Division II:

Dawson Middle School*, 1st Place: Brandon Burlison, Michael Dachniwsky, Madeleine Newman, Nate Ruelas, Weston Salanty, Daniel Weiss and Hannah Warner. Coaches: Ann Dachniwsky and Allison Weiss


Vehicular Problem, Division III:

Carroll High School*, 1st Place: Ann Dahl and Allison Newman (CHS), Braden Anderson, Christie Ballew, Spencer Lankford, Mackenzie Murphy and Jack Veenker (DMS). Coaches: Megan and Carl Anderson and Shauna Newman


Technical Problem, Division I:

Old Union Elementary School*, 2nd Place: Josh Neely, Caroline, Jackson, and Audry Fouras, Anna Leigh Alford, Aiden Johnson, Ethan Smith. Coaches: Colleen Neely and Peggy Forcelli

Carroll Elementary School, 3rd Place: Katie Moore, Logan Mikolasik, Madelyn Murphy, Jake Marshall and Jack Palmer (CES), Blake Burlison and Reilly Buckley (RES). Coaches: Michelle Moore and Keith Buckley

Johnson Elementary School, 4th Place: Gus Milhizer (WGES), Sage Frock (JES), Ankith Karapati, Josette Chang, Reagan Larimer (DIS), Avani Sharmar (CES). Coaches: Barbara Milhizer and Judith Cannon

Rockenbaugh Elementary School, 7th Place: Andrew Oliver, Owen Stroud, Brett Belleville (RES), Eden McDowell and Olivia Pierret (JES). Coaches: George Oliver


Technical Problem, Division III:

Carroll High School*, 1st Place: Jenna Buckley, Nico Scalzo, Emilie Featherston, Nathalie Scherer, Annie Newman and Lyndsey Weiss. Coaches Cynthia Featherston and Micki Scalzo


Classics Problem, Division II:

Eubanks Intermediate School*, 1st Place: Sophia LeBlanc, Jenna Eads, Zack Marshall and Nolan Mikolasik (EIS), Aleksei and Jascha Weinberg (DIS) and Troy McNitt. Coaches: Margaret Weinberg and Kathy Marshall


Drama Problem, Division I:

Walnut Grove Elementary School*, 1st Place: Brianna and Kylie Swanson, Emily Bates, Elena Pulliam, Kiera Dicesare, Kaitlyn Guessner. Coaches: Leah Swanson and Scot Bates

Carroll Elementary School, 3rd Place: Jetta Thompson, Cristina and Helen Capriglione, Hanna Khan, Maddie Palmer, Molly Forst (CES), and Mariah Johnson (JES). Coaches: Jeff Thompson and Giavanni Capriglione


Rockenbaugh Elementary School, 5th Place: Daniel and Janie Burnham, Riley and Parker Silfies, Ansley Bryan, John Marvel. Coaches: Marilyn Burnham and Cameron Bryan

The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun in the process. For more than twenty five years, this unique program has helped teachers generate excitement in their students. By tapping into creativity and through encouraging imaginative paths to problem-solving, students learn skills that will provide them with the ability to solve problems for a lifetime. Click here for more information regarding the Odyssey of the Mind program.