Friday, October 30, 2020

Carroll Jazz Celebrates High Honors

Carroll’s Jazz Orchestra (top group) and Jazz Band (3rd group) traveled to the Collin Jazz Festival in Plano on Saturday and returned with its highest honors. Although the festival is non-competitive, a select few of the 27 bands performing each year are named Outstanding Bands of the day and are awarded plaques. This year, both the Jazz Orchestra and the Jazz Band were given this award.

This is the first time the Jazz Band joined the Jazz Orchestra in earning this honor. Furthermore, CHS Freshman Adam Horne was one of four students out of hundreds at the festival to be given an Outstanding Musician award for his improvised solo. Many members of each of our groups were also awarded Certificates of Excellence for their solo performances.

Jazz Orchestra

Michael Leung
Zach Loucks
Nathan Zaremba
Taylor Lapham
Colton Ginn
Colin Hilliard
Taylor White
Pete Thayer
Kelsey Bronson
Chris Weisberg
Chris Blackwell
Jared Neeley
Nick Booth
Brett Knudson
Dayne Herndon
Ashley Young
Stephen Falkenberg
Stephen Ma

Jazz Band
Tien Tran
Brandon Vu
Daniel Canterino
Allie Newman
Zach Susskind
Adam Horne
Colter Johnson
Mylon Johnson
Stacy Heitman
Adam Boissevain
Joe Leonard
Hunter Graviett
Jaden Curreri
Ammar Ansari
Andrew Kanewske
Luke Miller
Riley Caldwell
Ray Teer